Wide Flange Beam

WideFlangeBeam_3Crest Steel is a leading supplier of wide flange steel beam. Whether you need beam for columns, support structures, manufacturing projects, or other applications, we have the wide flange steel beam you need. Our inventory includes very small beams up to truly massive sizes in a variety of grades. We stock wide flange steel beam up to 40″ sections and lengths up to 65′ are readily available in A-992 and A-572 Grade 50. Even larger sizes and lengths or different grades can be sourced upon request. We have the inventory available to fill even the largest orders

  • 4″ to 40″ in 5′ length increments
  • 35’s / 40’s / 45’s / 50’s / 55’s / 60’s / 65’s
  • Deep Inventory of Construction and Shoring Sizes
  • Nesting and Piece Marking
  • Custom Project/Rolled to Length Jobs in 4″ Increments